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A true IB Wave experience. Lessons are individual and taught by a tutor specialised in the IB and who was once an IB student too, with a typical score over 37 points in the International Baccalaureate Diploma and a grade above six in the subject they teach at IB Wave.

We select the best tutor for you, according to your needs.

Advantages of IB Wave

Flexibility. Technology. Results.

  • All the tutors have iPads and an iPencil to teach the classes with the highest quality and share all the details with you.
  • We use the best software in the education field for you to, literally, have the blackboard on your screen.
  • The best in-house material.
  • Students can practise after class with their worksheets and the video recording of the lesson.
  • The choice is yours. Lessons are scheduled based on your availability.

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