Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions 

1.1.   For the purposes of this document,

  • Company refers to IB Wave as the service provider for the International Baccalaureate. It is hereby stated that IB Wave is a registered trademark of the company THINK AHEAD ACADEMY S.L.

  • Client refers to the person contracting the educational services of IB Wave.

  • Student refers to the person designated by the Client to receive the educational services contracted.

  • Tutor refers to the person who provides educational, teaching or academic guidance services to an IB Wave Student.

  • Pack refers to each of the types of grouping of class hours, tutoring or advice, offered by IB Wave. There are four different types: Revision Pack, Exam Pack, Premium Pack and ToK-Extended Essay-Internal Assessment Pack.

  • Registration refers to the request made and paid by the Client in order to contract a certain number of hours of class, tutoring or guidance (Pack), which will be given to a single Student designated by the Client.

2. The Contract 

2.1. This document of terms and conditions constitutes the contract between the Company and the Client for the provision of educational services included in the Pack selected by the Client, and which take the form of individual private online classes.

2.2. The Tutor is a collaborator of the Company, and the Client is not entitled to establish any type of direct personal agreement with the Tutor regarding any type of educational service or academic orientation.

2.3. In the event that the Client establishes a personal agreement with the Tutor, the Company reserves the right to charge the Client an amount of €4,000 for having facilitated the initial contact between the two.

3. The Tutor 

3.1. The Tutor has been trained by the Company to teach students of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

3.2. The Tutor has completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, and the Company has incorporated them onto its team of active tutors after a rigorous selection process.

3.3. The Company, in accordance with the request made by the Client, will designate the most appropriate Tutor in each case.

3.4. The Company reserves the right to change the Tutor when required and justified.

4. Organisation and procedure 

4.1. Once the Client has formalised a Registration, the Company has a period of two business days to contact the Tutor and the Client.

4.1.1. For the purposes of this document, business days are from Monday to Friday, except days considered holidays in the Community of Madrid.

4.1.2. All contact with the client will be carried out by telephone and/or email.

4.2. Once they have made contact, the Client (and/or Student) and the Tutor may agree on the content, date and time of each of the classes included in the contracted Pack.

4.2.1. The Tutor and the Client (and/or Student) may agree to hold the classes at any day and time; however, the following schedule is considered standard:

  • Monday to Sunday, between 9:00 and 21:00.


4.3. Classes will be held online (via Zoom or similar telematic services) between the Student and the Tutor.

4.4. The class will be recorded, making said recording available to the student so that they can revisit it as many times as they wish.  In addition to the aforementioned recordings, the tutor will share with the student different teaching materials in digital format, with the understanding that said materials will be used by the student exclusively for their personal use.

4.5. For accounting purposes, the Tutor will record the hours of each class taught, rounding up the ten minute intervals.

4.6. If the Client does not show up for a scheduled class, or cancels it less than twelve hours in advance, the hours corresponding to said class will be counted as hours taught.

5. Fees and payment methods 

5.1. The fees for each of the packs offered by the Company will be those reflected on its website at the time said services are contracted by the Client.

5.2. When paying for a Pack, the Client formalises their Registration in said Pack, establishing from that moment a specific contractual relationship between the Company and the Client in the terms and conditions set forth in this document.

6. Complications in the initial contact 

6.1. If the Tutor and/or the Company repeatedly try to establish first contact with the Client and no response is obtained within the first fifteen working days after the date of formalisation of the registration, it will cause the Client to lose the right to any type of refund.

6.2. If the Client does not respond to the attempts to establish first contact by the Tutor and/or the Company within a period of sixty calendar days from the date of registration, the contract will be terminated, and it will no longer be possible the Client to use the class hours included in the contracted Pack.

6.3. If the Client is not contacted by the Tutor and/or the Company within three working days after the formalisation of the registration, they must notify the Company, via telephone or email. Once this notification has been given by the Client, the Tutor and/or the Company have five working days to contact the Client, otherwise, the Client may exercise their right to be reimbursed, in full, the amount paid, and to declare the contract null.

7. Guarantee of satisfaction 

7.1. During the fifteen working days after the formalisation of the Registration and provided that the Student has not received more than one class, the Client may terminate the contract and require the Company to reimburse the full amount paid, stating only their dissatisfaction with the service received.

7.1.1. Without prejudice to the foregoing, the Company may propose an alternative solution to the Client, including the appointment of a new Guardian.

7.1.2. If the Client had accepted the solution proposed by the Company and, after the next class, their dissatisfaction persists, the Client may also require the Company to reimburse the entire amount paid.

7.2. The minimum number of contracted hours, so that the aforementioned satisfaction guarantee can be applied, is ten.

8. Cancellation 

8.1. The Client, within fifteen working days after the formalisation of the Registration and provided that the Student linked to them has not received any class, may terminate the contract and require the Company to fully reimburse the amount paid.

8.2. After fifteen working days from the formalisation of the Registration, if the Client expresses their desire to cancel the contract, they will not have the right to be reimbursed.

8.2.1. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company, in accordance with what was stated by the Client, may make the decision to make some type of reimbursement.

8.3. The Company reserves the right to cancel a Registration before or after the start of the provision of the service. In this case, the Client will obtain a refund of the proportion of the initial amount paid corresponding to the part of the service not yet provided.

8.3.1. However, the Client will lose this right to reimbursement if the Company’s decision to cancel is motivated by improper or disruptive behaviour by the Student.

9. Time limit of the Pack 

9.1. With the sole objective of not prolonging the duration of a certain Pack sine die, a maximum duration is established for each type of Pack:

  • Revision Pack: all classes must take a maximum of five consecutive calendar months.
  • Exam Pack: all classes must take a maximum of nine consecutive calendar months.
  • Premium Pack: all classes must take a maximum of two consecutive calendar months.
  • ToK-EE-IA Pack: all classes must take a maximum of nine consecutive calendar months.


If in a specific Pack the maximum duration established for its type has been reached, all the classes included in it will be considered taught, and the contract corresponding to said Pack will be terminated.

9.1.1. To avoid reaching this situation, the Company undertakes to notify the Client of any period of inactivity between classes greater than thirty calendar days.

10. Responsibility 

10.1. The Company will make every effort to satisfy the Client.  Likewise, guaranteeing a reasonable level of aptitude, integrity and reliability of the Tutors, who will be appointed in good faith and in accordance with the information provided by the Client.

10.1.1. However, the Company is not responsible for any damages arising from the impossibility of providing a Tutor during all or part of the contracted service.

10.1.2. The Company is not responsible for any negligence, dishonesty, misconduct or accidental damage to property caused directly or indirectly by the Tutor.

11. Personal data protection 

11.1. The Company, in all cases and circumstances, will collect and use the personal data of Clients and Students in strict compliance with current regulations on Personal Data Protection, articulated in:

  • European Regulation 2016/679, of 27 April 2016, on Personal Data Protection.
  • Organic Law 3/2018, of 5 December, on the Personal Data Protection and guarantee of digital rights.

12. Legal framework and jurisdiction 

12.1. The terms and conditions set forth in this document are subject to the state legislation of the Kingdom of Spain and the laws of the Community of Madrid, being subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Spanish courts. 

In order to comply with European Regulation 2016/679, of 27 April 2016, on Personal Data Protection and following the Recommendations and Instructions issued by the Spanish Data Protection Agency (A.E.P.D.), THINK AHEAD ACADEMY S.L. HEREBY INFORMS THAT

  • The personal data provided by you is incorporated into a privately owned file, which is duly registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency and whose data controller and sole recipient is THINK AHEAD ACADEMY, S.L.
  • Only the data strictly necessary to adequately provide the service will be requested, and it may be necessary to collect contact data from third parties, such as legal representatives, guardians, or persons in charge designated by the same.
  • All the data collected has the confidentiality commitment required by the regulations, with the legally established security measures, and under no circumstances is it transferred or processed by third parties, whether natural or legal, without the prior consent of the client, guardian or legal representative, except in those cases in which it is absolutely essential for the adequate provision of the service.
  • The data will be archived and kept for as long as necessary to fulfil the purpose for which it was collected and to determine possible liabilities that may arise from said purpose.
  • That there is the possibility of making communications through instant messaging systems such as WhatsApp in order to speed up the management of the contracted services.
  • You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation, limitation and opposition before THINK AHEAD ACADEMY S.L. free of charge by email to: info@academiathinkahead.es or at the address: C/ Valportillo II, 14 C.P. 28108, Alcobendas (Madrid).
  • If you have not been duly attended to in the exercise of your rights, you may file a claim with the Spanish Data Protection Agency.


• I have been informed that the data I provide will be included in the file called Enrichment Program of THINK AHEAD ACADEMY, S.L., in order to enable the administrative and educational management of the contracted service, to which I hereby state my consent.

• I have also been informed of the possibility of exercising the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition.

• I consent to the data I provide being used to send communications from the academy through instant messaging systems in order to streamline the management of contracted services.

• I have read and accept all the Terms and Conditions set forth in this document.

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