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Our background

IB Wave is an online tutoring platform that connects IB (International Baccalaureate) students with the best tutors, all of whom are alumni of the Diploma Programme. Founded in 2021, our aim is to help students taking the International Baccalaureate, in Spanish or English, to improve their results and maximise their preparation for the system’s official exams. We have a unique methodology and the best tools for the online tutoring of International Baccalaureate subjects.

Implications of IB Wave:

Inside IB Wave

100% flexible, remote schedule.

Our Proposal

How does it work?

What is the selection process like?


(10 - 20 MIN.)

First, we will hold an informative call in which we will tell you about us, our project, and the conditions we offer for the position to which you have applied. We will ask you a series of questions to understand your suitability for the role, and solve any doubts you may have.


(30 - 45 MIN.)

We will conduct an interview in which we will resolve any doubts you may still have, discuss your academic background, your professional experience, and the role you have applied for.



(Depending on your needs)

After the interview we will ask you to register on the TutorCruncher platform that you will use in the future to assign students and input the hours worked. We will provide you with a training video, showing you the applications used and the mechanics of using the iPad and Apple-Pencil. We will share a Drive folder so that you can work on the last phase of the selection process.


(20 - 30 MIN.)

We will carry out a simulation in an online lesson context. To do this, we will provide you with a topic that you must prepare in advance. During the test you will use the digital resources common to the IB Wave project.

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We fully adapt to our students' needs and schedules. Our students choose when to attend classes. Tutors prepare the syllabi according to their students’ needs and lessons are taught in individual sessions.

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Our tutors' experience allows us to empathise with the students' reality and provide them support. Our commitment is to provide the best lessons designed according to the students' needs to improve their results. As former Diploma Programme students, our tutors prepare their classes aware of the necessary requirements in this demanding programme.

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We are pioneers: the flexibility of our services is part of our methodology. We are in continuous evolution to give our IB Wave customers the best at all times. Digitisation is part of our DNA, and we have the necessary resources to make lessons stimulating.

Our team

IB Wave brings together a group of teachers of various nationalities from all over the world, who were once IB students and now have a common passion for this system and for teaching.

Most of them being young university students, they share their commitment to their students, their energy and dynamism in the classes, and their deep knowledge of the subjects they teach, as well a proactive attitude to teach the courses offered.

All tutors are committed to the IB Wave methodology, and their professional and personal circumstances are compatible with a continuous activity on our platform.

Our tutors have achieved an overall grade of 37 or more, and a minimum of 6 in the subject they teach, as well as being a native speaker or highly advanced in English if the classes are taught in that language.

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