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Extended Essay •  ToK •  Internal Assessments

1 to 1 tutoring packages

100% online IB tutoring

Revision Pack

Choose a subject, go over the concepts of various topics and practice official IB exam questions. The Revision Pack will allow you to strengthen your foundation knowledge of the subject or sharpen specific concepts that you don’t understand while learning how to answer exam questions correctly.

This Pack is perfect if you are looking for a combination of concepts and practice adapted to the time of year. You can choose the 6-hour format to cover between 2 and 3 topics or the 12-hour format to cover between 4 and 6 topics.

Exam Pack

With this Pack we will make you an expert of the exam technique, so that you answer just as IB requires. Choose a subject and focus on practising official exams or questions on a specific topic. We will teach you how to turn your knowledge of the concepts into precise answers that get the best score, as well as help you become more confident with the exam format. Additionally, we will solve, on the spot, any questions that may arise as we practise and, if we have to revise some concepts, we will do so.

Choose the duration of the Pack (10 or 20 hours) depending on how many questions or full exams you want to practise. With the Exam Pack (20h) we include the delivery of personalised feedback at the end of each class.

Premium Pack

If you need a tutor to guide you over more time, even during the entire course, the Premium Pack is the best option for you. By acquiring this Pack you can revise concepts, practice exams or work on the Internal Assessments according to your needs and preferences. It is perfect if you are looking to master a subject at all levels and to get help adapted to each time of the course, depending on what the school is demanding or what you want to improve.

Acquire the Exam Pack (25h) if you want to forget about a whole subject or choose the Exam Pack (50h) if you want to cover two subjects. Both Packs include personalised feedback at the end of each class.

Advantages of IB Wave Tutoring Packages

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The IB Wave Tutoring Packages are adapted to your needs as a student, depending on your goal. As with all Packages, there is flexibility: you decide what to spend class time on and the length of each session.

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Tutoring Packages help you improve the understanding of concepts, become an expert at answering official exam questions, or prepare for an exam that you have at school. You will always work with our worksheets, where all concepts and official exam questions are already perfectly organised so you don't waste time on notes. Moreover, the worksheets also help you practice in your free time and, since we send you the recording of each class, you can always re-watch your tutor's explanations.

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Keep in mind that all our tutors completed the International Baccalaureate recently with excellent results, so they will give you advice from their personal experience that you will not find anywhere else.

Internal Assessments,
Extended Essay and ToK

With our help you will get the best score

Guided Support of IA, Extended Essay and ToK

If you want a tutor to help you improve and finish your assignment with quality, the Guided Support service allows you to count on a tutor specialised in the IB to help you every step of the way. Although we cannot do the assignment for you, we can explain in detail what you have to include in each section, or what to change and add to meet the criteria.

Answer all your questions on the spot, exchange new ideas, and incorporate the feedback from your teacher at school. We will send you the recording in case you would like to re-watch the explanations given.

Written Feedback of IA, Extended Essay and ToK

There are cases in which receiving written feedback is more efficient than having work sessions with a tutor. If you are tight on time or you are able to implement on your own the changes we send you, then the Written Feedback solution is your best option.

Our tutors will analyse the assignment in detail and will put both general and specific comments to improve your score. We will also include suggestions of new approaches in case they are necessary.

The importance of working with a good teacher

Getting a good score in the Internal Assessments is essential if you aspire to a good overall result. Additionally, the Extended Essay and the ToK are mandatory components that you need to pass in order to obtain the International Baccalaureate Diploma. With our help, you will get the best score in any of the IB assignments, as you will count on tutors who were former IB students and achieved the best results in their exams. 

They also are aware of the requirements and rubric criteria established by each IB guide, to ensure that your work complies with the IB provisions.

You can count on a tutor to help you finish your work or ask for written feedback so that you can implement the changes on your own. In both cases, we will tell you the original score and a prediction of the expected score after applying the changes.

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We will help you with the choice of your Package of tutoring classes or the help you need with the Internal Assessments, Extended Essay or ToC.

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