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IB Wave Ecosystem

IBWave Ecosystem
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The best educational technology

iPad – All our tutors work with state-of-the-art iPads to teach classes with the best quality.

iPencil – The iPencil allows the tutor to write easily, as if on paper, being able to make notes and explanations in great detail.

IB class

A classroom on your screen

We use the best software in the education field for you to, literally, have the blackboard on your screen. Feel like in class from the comfort of your home!

Our class worksheets are perfect to answer any conceptual questions, learning how to maximise the score and practising official exam questions in class.

Flexibility and efficiency

Set your schedule with your tutor and arrange your classes based on your availability; we aim to be flexible and effective for you!

IBwave ecosystem

Experienced tutors

We connect tutors who are IB alumni with the new generations, transmitting knowledge and key skills to maximise results in the subjects.  

Our Worksheets

Our worksheets are the stepping stone of the IB Wave ecosystem, perfect to work on the theory behind each topic and practice official exam questions.


Besides, they are great for you to practice after your lessons.
Included in your Tutoring Packages!


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