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At IB Wave we have one single objective: to offer the best online one-to-one IB tutoring classes and ensure you achieve the IB score you need for university.

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Our advisors are here to guide you in buying the correct Tutoring Package and to ensure you have the best IB Wave experience. They make sure they assign the most suitable teacher to each particular student. Get in contact with us. Our advisors will help you answer any questions you may have.

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You will work along with experts who previously aced the IB official exams is some of the best international schools, such as…

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IB Wave is endorsed by different professionals, teachers and members of the IB community.

Thanks to their experience, IB Wave promotes through interviews and articles, the tips, tricks and news of each of the areas and subjects of the Diploma Programme

Our experts are willing to share their knowledge to help families and students on different topics of interest. Their goal is for students to reach their maximum potential and achieve the best academic results.

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IB Wave is possible thanks to the three disruptive ‘waves’ that we have experienced in recent years, and that are at the heart of this project. Firstly, the world-wide expansion of the IB as an educational system and its growth in recent years. Secondly, the development of technological tools and communication platforms in education. Lastly, the growing existence of IB alumni who have then specialised in tutoring, being able to provide our students with all the keys to succeed in IB.

At Think Ahead Education we have been offering online International Baccalaureate tutoring for years, helping thousands of students achieve their goals. Our position as leaders of the international educational market in Spain has allowed us to connect, teach, and work with the best talents in the educational field, in Spain and Latin America. Our vision of providing unique and high-quality educational environments is crystal clear in all aspects of IB Wave.

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